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fulfil their true mission.

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As a CFO, your mission is to lead the company in creating value. To do this, you must know the expectations of your stakeholders, understand the process for achieving those expectations, and enable the entire company to follow that process. Click below to get started.
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You should be seen as
an "architect of value".

While CFOs have embraced their role as the right hand of the CEO, our latest research confirms the importance of an emerging role: architects of business value.

CFO now Report, Accenture, February 2021.

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The survey shows that CFOs accept their critical role in this strategic shift of emphasis – 82% of respondents said that CFOs are increasingly seen by key stakeholders as the stewards of long-term value.

The EY 2020 DNA of the CFO Survey.

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But here is the thing:
Most CFOs are stuck in their accounting silos ...

Group of icons showing all the different accounting and regulatory works usually done by a CFO.

... and never fulfil their true mission
creating a critical gap with key stakeholders.

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Cartoon image showing a CFO unhappy and who want to hire a new CFO - the problem.

What if I could help you fill that gap?

Hello, I am Pat.

I live and work in Western Switzerland. People know me as "Finance Coach". I help the most ambitious entrepreneurs create superior value for their stakeholders. To date, I have served over 300 clients.

Although my background is in investment banking and corporate finance, I do not dress, talk or work like a banker or a traditional CFO. I am first and foremost a long-term business and financial partner with an entrepreneurial mindset. is a service designed to help CFOs go beyond accounting, be seen as architects of value, and drive performance. To learn more, book your online session now. It's with me and on me.

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My playground ...

What I don't do
(and you probably do well)


Accounting & Tax

︁  Book-keeping & budgeting
︁  Tax declaration
︁  Payroll & payments
︁  Operations (bank, fiduciary)

︁  Regulatory work
︁  Reporting & Processes
︁  Internal audit
︁  General administration
What I do
(in collaboration with you)


Financial Strategy

︁  Stakeholders' expectations
︁  Value creation roadmap
︁  Fundraising / M&A
︁  Strategic communication
Financial Analytics

︁  Metadata management
︁  Data integration / ETL
︁  Financial Planning & Analytics
︁  Financial Intelligence

... And how it can benefit you.

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This 30-minute online session is for both CEOs and CFOs who want to find out how to build a value-driven organization and leverage finance to create superior value. The session is free, personalized, and without obligation. It will help you understand the different strategic options and give you some initial insights to get you started.

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CFO coaching
level up your role

A coach listens, asks questions, shares best practises, and tries to open up new perspectives. This is a great opportunity for incumbent CFOs to engage in peer discussions, share their concerns, and have a transformative experience. The goal of this coaching is to help them fulfil their true mission by embracing their role as architects of value.

On-demand services
fill the gap

On-demand services include part-time CFO services, interim CFO services, and professional services that can supplement or augment existing internal resources. This is a very efficient way for an organisation - without a finance team or with a limited team - to get on the right path of value creation and accelerate everything.